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How to Increase Your Repeat Purchase Rate: A Guide

One loyal customer is worth 10 one-time customers as they continue making purchases from your brand. With a strategy in place, you can encourage customer loyalty to improve your repeat purchase rate. Your ROI will rise, allowing your business to grow.

Not sure how to boost customer loyalty or purchase rate? Read on for the tips you need from Kissmetrics today!

Create a Loyalty Program

Encourage customer loyalty by creating loyalty programs. Reward your customers for their repeat purchases by allowing them to collect and redeem points.

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by creating a referral program, too.

Improve Your Customer Service

Almost 55% of shoppers are loyal to one to five brands. In fact, 43% of shoppers will pay more for brands they’re loyal to. However, 89% of shoppers view customer experience as a critical factor in driving loyalty.

About 60% of shoppers pursue more business with companies due to good customer service. About 80% will also spend more for a better experience. In fact, nearly 70% have recommended a brand to someone due to good customer experience.

Another 80% believe speed, friendly service, support, and convenience are crucial.

Offering a good customer experience will help more people fall in love with your brand. Make sure to improve customer experiences online and in-store. Offer a seamless experience by providing:

  • Product information
  • Quality images of products
  • Live support
  • FAQs
  • Ordering and checkout process
  • High-quality shipping
  • Fast delivery

Gather customer feedback to determine where your customer service is lacking.

Allow Returns and Refunds

Allow customers to make returns or request refunds. If they weren’t happy with their first experience, they might decide to give your business a second chance.

If you don’t allow returns and refunds, they might consider your business a waste of time and money.

Use Email Automation

Segment your email subscription list and send personalized emails based on each consumer’s interests. Emails can build customer communication and trust.

It also helps people remember your brand.

Create Retargeting Ads

Create a retargeting ad campaign to get a second chance in front of previous website visitors. Show them personalized ads based on the product pages they have visited in the past.

Analyze the Data

Google Analytics won’t help you make actionable decisions as you adjust your marketing campaigns. With Kissmetrics, you can better analyze data, track human behavior, and increase your repeat purchase rate.

Use Kissmetrics to find bottlenecks that are affecting how people engage with your brand. You can then make changes to your marketing campaigns to reduce customer churn rates.

You can use A/B testing to determine which workflow sequences work best to improve engagement and generate results.

As you make improvements to your website and campaigns, you’ll start generating more sales. You can encourage customer loyalty, retain customers, and generate repeat sales as a result.

Boost Your Repeat Purchase Rate Today

A high repeat purchase rate can help your business grow. Use loyalty programs and digital marketing to increase customer loyalty. As you generate repeat purchases, your ROI will rise.

Make sure to analyze your campaigns to make improvements along the way.

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