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Earn 30% recurring revenue for every referral

Looking to grow your business and earn extra income? You can earn 30% of the recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to Kissmetrics.

1. Share your referral link

Sign up as a partner (it’s free!) and you’ll get a unique URL to invite others to try Kissmetrics. Using this link, your referrals will get a 2 week trial

2. Get paid your share every month

Once your referrals pay for their account, you earn a 30% cut of every transaction for as long as they’re a Kissmetrics customer.

Find out if you’d make a great partner

This is a partner program designed by marketers, for marketers.
Everyone is welcome to sign up, but these are the qualities that’ll help you earn more money.

You're a marketing agency

You're a marketing agency

Show off your industry expertise by referring Kissmetrics to clients and fellow marketers. You’ll be able to generate new leads and open up a whole new revenue stream for your business.

You have a marketing audience

You have a marketing audience

Have a blog has marketers as readers? How about a large community on social media? The most successful Kissmetrics Partners tap into multiple different promo channels to drive more referrals.

You love using Kissmetrics

You love using Kissmetrics

Spread the word about how you’ve used Kissmetrics to grow your own business. Our biggest fans have become the most profitable money-makers.

Join our community of partners

Tap into a new stream of revenue

Earn a 30% cut for every customer you help discover Kissmetrics

Here's much you could be earning

Boom! Just imagine this type of income rolling into your bank account every single month from Kissmetrics!

We'll help grow your earning potential

This is a powerful opportunity for you to make unlimited recurring income.
With the sky as the limit, we make sure every partner gets full access to both our support and management teams.

Our dedicated support team

24/7 email support (with real humans) we can help answer questions about your referral link, payments, and beyond!

Custom tracking dashboard

Track every referral strategy, URL click, and dollar you earn. All in one place.

Ready-to-share resources

To make things even easier, we provide all partners with templates, promotion assets, and training materials.

Turn your influence into recurring revenue

Start earning a 30% cut for every customer you help discover Kissmetrics