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Hey Marketer!

Your friend just scored you 20% off your first year with Kissmetrics! Pretty awesome, huh? If you have a minute, check out how Kissmetrics helps marketers like you convert more visitors into leads, signups, and sales.

Why Your Friend Loves Kissmetrics!

Did you know over 10,000 other marketers have used Kissmetrics to grow their business? Crazy, right!? Kissmetrics empowers non-technical teams with essential insights to help acquire qualified prospects, convert trials to customers, and reduce churn.

Instant Key Metrics

Instant Key Metrics

Gain insights, reduce churn, and maximize conversions

Track Across Sites & Products

Track Across Sites & Products

Track, analyze, and optimize power users, acquisition sources, top customers, and feature usage for actionable insights.

Funnels that Work

Funnels that Work

Uncover dropoff and friction points in your visitor-to-trial-to-paid flow for seamless onboarding.

Instant access to answers
right at your fingertips.

Tap into billions of user actions in your product, gaining valuable insights
through interactive questioning and deeper exploration.

Know Your Revenue

Know Your Revenue

Gain deep customer insights to drive business growth. Calculate lifetime customer value, track churn rates, monitor customer counts, and identify revenue-generating products for strategic decision-making that maximizes your success.

Detail Customer Activity

Detail Customer Activity

Unlock the power of customer insights with award winning tools. Track and analyze feature usage, active users, page views, and more to gain extremely valuable insights into customer behavior to drive growth.

Advanced BI Reporting

Advanced BI Reporting

Explore raw data with SQL queries, generate exports for data integration, analyze DAU to MAU ratio, and examine user behavior within minutes of sign-up.

Want to try Kissmetrics for yourself?

With your friend’s referral, you get a 20% discount on your first full year of Kissmetrics



All plans are designed to be simple and flexible

  • Monthly Events

  • Number of Seats

  • Populations

  • Reports

  • Expert Onboarding

  • Customer Support



For small businesses looking to grow

Up to 2M



For mid sized businesses

Up to 5M



For agencies, large teams, & enterprises

Over 5M+
Trusted By

Trusted by 10,000+ companies

With billions of tracked events our award winning behavioral analytics has been leading the industry for 10+ years with hundreds of 5 star reviews.

G2 & Capterra

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