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Customer Lifetime Value: What is it and How to Calculate It

One of the most critical KPIs for your company to track is your customers’ lifetime value (CLV). Customers are key for any business and knowing what your customers are worth is critical. Customer lifetime value is a perfect metric for companies looking to understand the potential each new client brings to the table. What is […]

What Are the Stages of the Customer Lifecycle?

A common misconception is that a user doesn’t become a customer until they make a purchase. Some companies compound this mistake by assuming that once the purchase is complete, they should focus all of their attention on finding new customers and moving on.  In reality, someone becomes a customer the second they hear about your […]

Customer Analytics: What It Is and Why It Matters

Understanding customer behavior can be a challenge for some businesses. To gain a better idea of your customer’s mindset, you need data about customer behavior. This data can help shape your strategies and processes to create better customer interaction and lead to higher product satisfaction.  Gaining customer insight through data is key to success for […]

What Is Time On Site? Everything You Need to Know

One of the buzzwords frequently mentioned in digital marketing is time on site or session duration. It’s often discussed in conjunction with bounce rate, time on page, and similar metrics and collecting this data is a good idea. But learning how to leverage it to move the needles is a better one..  Time On Site […]

Everything You Need to Know About POP Marketing

The concept of POP marking is nothing new for traditional in-person businesses. Cardboard displays in grocery stores have been used for decades to help drive up sales of certain products.  For ecommerce sites, there are different techniques to use POP marketing on customers. What Is POP Marketing? The strategy of targeting users while they’re already […]

8 Main Pitfalls Students Need to Know About College Debt

College debt in the US has reached $1.59 trillion according to the Federal Loan Portfolio. Overall, it is in second place among consumer debt sources, just below the mortgage. It is not an exaggeration to call this a huge problem that impacts the economy in general and individual lives as well.   Of course, student […]

Is Video Marketing Helpful in Generating Leads

Video marketing has become the most potent tool for B2B businesses in recent years. There are several video formats available by which you can meet your business goals. The main objective of any marketing operation is to create leads that can drive new sales for the particular brand.    According to recent statistics, videos are […]

Role of Big Data Management and Analytics in Higher Education

Analytical skills are in high demand today. Every professional has to do some analysis at a certain point of career growth. Globalization and digitalization turn personal lives and work into massive amounts of data. The world generates information faster than ever. To swim in this torrent of data, people need to embrace everything it offers […]

How to Manage Third-Party Risk in a World of Breaches

 Customer trust is essential to every organization. Unfortunately, third-party breaches are common these days, as the statistics also suggest the same. It is very common for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data from third-party vendors and put it to use to cause loss of money and reputation to the organization. Therefore, you must opt for improved […]

Google Chrome Removes 3rd Party Cookies | Implications for Digital Marketers

What Are 3rd Party Cookies? 3rd party cookies are cookies that are created by a different website or domain than the current website you’re browsing. Online advertisers commonly use 3rd party cookies to track users’ activity across various websites. This information provides more insight into users’ tendencies and behaviors, which in turn helps advertisers tailor […]

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

        Exploring Affiliate Marketing Before a consumer can buy a product or service they need to know it exists, making both business profile and customer attraction key considerations for pretty much every company. Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to achieve these ends, but how does it work?   […]

How to Score the Health of Your Users and Accounts

Scoring user health may sound like medical advice, but it’s actually a vital part of understanding your customer base. As the name implies, users are assigned scores based on their behaviors and interactions with your product. Scoring individual users based on specific criteria for your company and industry may sound granular, but it can help […]

Cohort Analysis: Beginners Guide to Improving Retention

Brand awareness is great, but experienced business owners know that the key to success isn’t about attracting new customers; it’s enticing existing customers to return. Cohort analysis is one way to measure how long users interact with your website or product before leaving and can provide valuable insights into areas where you need to improve […]

The 5 Most Important Onboarding Metrics to Measure

One thing all businesses have in common is that new users are required for growth and long-term success. But new users don’t often know all the details of your products and services so you have to educate them as to their benefits through a process called onboarding. The onboarding process looks different for every company […]