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North Star Metric: What Is It and How To Find It For Your Company

  What Is a Company’s North Star Metric? A north star metric is a key metric that demonstrates the value consumers gain from a company’s products or services. It’s the metric a company determines is the single most important driver of success and it provides an initiative for the whole company to rally behind. However, […]

What is Customer Churn?

      Understanding why customers stop purchasing from your company is critical, regardless of industry. However, it can be challenging to differentiate between solvable issues with your product or service versus external problems that exist for your company.  Here we explain what customer churn is, why it’s important, how to measure it, and how […]

What is a Good Bounce Rate For Your Website?

      Understanding how bounce rate works and what you should aim for on your website can be challenging. There are several factors that can affect your bounce rate, such as where the visitor is coming from, the type of page they land on, and your website’s goal.  In this article, we delve into […]

Retention Analysis: How to Analyze and Report on Retention

      Tracking and analyzing customer retention should be a high priority for any company with the hope of becoming successful. Your customers are the people who keep you in business, and customer retention is a measure of how well you satisfy them. Dissatisfied customers will not continue to give your business their money. […]

What is Source Tracking and Why is it Important?

        Sadly, asking your users, “How did you find my business?” won’t get the answers you need. For the majority of companies, you never end up speaking with visitors and users, and even if you did, the chances are high that they would say, “Uh, I don’t know. Maybe Google?”  Some websites […]

The Definitive Guide to Strategic Marketing Planning

      No matter your goal, it’s always better to have a solid plan with defined steps in place than to try and haphazardly complete tasks. With strategic marketing planning, you can ensure that every step your business takes, regardless of which team contributes, will all coherently move towards promoting your brand and attracting […]

What Is Marketing Analytics? Definition and Examples

        Marketing in the digital age is moving quickly. Companies from all industries are taking advantage of this boom by leveraging on what is perhaps the most precious resource of modern commerce—data.  Marketing analytics is the way companies use this data to their advantage. What Is the Definition of Marketing Analytics? Marketing […]

Which Product Metrics & KPIs Matter?

      Product metrics and KPIs are great tools for companies to track success in the key areas that matter to their business. There are many different examples of KPIs and product metrics and, when used properly, they can provide great insight into your company’s health.  What is a Product Metric? A product metric […]

User Analytics Overview

        As the name implies, user analytics is the process of evaluating your user’s actions, so your company can provide services or make products that your customers enjoy. The insights offered by user analytics software can help you do that by showing you features of your product, service, or sales platform work […]

What Are Conversion Paths in Inbound Marketing?

      Attracting new visitors and converting them into customers for your brand is no easy task. For inbound marketers, this process often begins by changing website visitors into potential leads by persuading them to submit their contact information. How can your brand capture the interest of website visitors and entice them to come […]

The Proven Process for Developing a Go-To-Market Strategy

        When your company unveils a new product or service, you must launch with a proper go-to-market (GTM) strategy.  Without proper planning, it’s nearly impossible to know which  audience to chase, whether you’re too late or too early to the market, or how you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors. You could also […]

Why You Need To Do A/B Testing | Marketing 101

      When marketing gurus create landing pages, design call-to-action buttons, or write email copy, it can be tempting to use intuition to predict what will make customers click and convert. But basing important marketing decisions on a “feeling” can be detrimental to your results.  Rather than relying on assumptions or guesses to make […]

Product Planning Fundamentals You Should Know

      When you have a unique idea for a new product or feature, the temptation can be to dive right in. The idea is that the sooner your product is out there, the sooner you can drive sales and generate revenue. But this perspective overlooks the crucial product planning steps that are integral […]

What Are Monthly Active Users (MAU)?

      Many product teams swear by monthly active users (MAU) as a metric to measure the health of their overall product strategy. Others say it’s just a vanity metric that you should ignore. Which of these is closer to the truth? Can any valuable information be gleaned from this KPI, or should it […]